THE PAST… (Memories from Pamela)


But sometimes, the past is a nightmare

Like, Pamela, when you crossed to the other side

Sometimes when we remember, we frown and sigh sighs of despair

And we wish the past never happened

Because the past, Pamela, is a bloody nightmare


Today, we speak of you in the past tense

But hell, we all were here together

The images of you we captured in love,

-they speak to us; they smile, they charm

But we dare not say you are beautiful

You aren’t beautiful, Pamela; you were beautiful


Kweku and I reminisce about a time we shared with you in love

Now when we want love and laughter with you, Pamela, we say “I remember”

I remember your beautiful toothy smile

I remember your graceful bubbly walk

Your darling voice, your kind words

Your laughter, your enchantment

The gossips we shared

I remember, Pamela

I remember the first time and the Last






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